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Announcement: 45th CIFF Guangzhou Opens on July 18, 2020

My friends , this is the latest news for CIFF

The positive trend in containing COVID-19 has been expanded in China, yet the overseas spread of the virus has brought new challenges. Through comprehensive evaluation, the organizers have decided that the 45thChina International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) (“CIFF Guangzhou”), originally scheduled for March, is postponed to July 18-21, 2020 (Home Furniture/Home Décor/Outdoor Leisure) and July 27-30, 2020 (Office Show and CIFM/interzum guangzhou)

After the rain comes the shining sun. May China and the world defeat the epidemic soon. Wish all of you health and prosperity.

See you on July 18-21 and 27-30 in Pazhou, Guangzhou.



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